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2009 Summer Ficathon: Prompts Post Open!


**open until Friday 3rd July**

Well, the day is finally upon us... it's time to let those growing plot bunnies and song fragments loose on the internet. Yes, it's time to submit your prompts for this year's Femslash Ficathon.

I'm sure we're all familiar with the concept by now, but in a comment to this post please leave us your prompts for someone to write as a story. It can be one word, a line of poetry, a song lyric, a location or even an image that particularly captured your imagination. All we ask is that this prompt comes attached to a femslash pairing of your choice from House. Examples would run like:

Cuddy/Stacy: schadenfreude

Thirteen/Cameron: "I feared the best, I loved the worst" - Rilo Kiley, The Angels Hung Around

Thirteen/Amber: What if Amber was the one to pick up on Thirteen's clumsiness?

Each prompt you submit WILL BE SCREENED until either myself or perfect_pride has had a chance to check that it's supposed to be there. Apparently it's quite common to get spam and/or wildly irrelevant prompts, but as soon as we've seen it, it will be visible.

Please go crazy, there is no limit to how many prompts you can submit.  Though obviously it would be great if you plan on writing some fic too!  This is your chance to get all those half-ideas you've had in the shower, or the nagging plot idea that you just can't sit down to write out there for someone to have a crack at.

Please check here for the rules or contact damelola or perfect_pride  on PM if you have any questions.  You can also leave questions in a screened comment to this post if that's easier.  You can post anonymously or submit prompts to either mod to post for you if you'd rather.
Help up promote this on your own journals and communities, please? Copy/paste this code.

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